Understanding the IDP ecosystem step by step, sketch by sketch.

Day 1: Financial Terms

Day 2: GST explained

Day 3: All about Account Aggregators or AAs

Day 4: Impact of AA on Fintechs and consumers

Day 5: OCEN: New lending paradigm

Day 6: OCEN: How can it be used by startups

Day 7: NBFCs explained

Day 8: Payment Instruments: Cards, wallets, Net banking

Day 9: Payment instruments: BNPL

Day 10: NPCI and UPI (the boss)

Day 11: UPI, entities involved

Day 12: Detour - Understanding PSPs

Day 13: UPI, push flow and Four party model

Day 14: UPI, other flows

Day 15: UPI 2.0

Day 16: Juspay's Blog on Tokenization

Day 17: Let's talk about EMI

Day 18: