Monday, 31st May, 2021, 23:05 IST

Back at school, everyone remembers me as a total teacher's pet. I was that annoying monitor who would write your name on the blackboard if you talk in the teacher's absence. I can't deny the fact - I enjoyed receiving compliments from my teachers.

Being a teacher's favourite automatically translated to a scholar nerdy kid (at least back in my time). I distinctly remember studying for non-stop hrs without understanding a single word. Yes, I used to cram things. But unfortunately, cramming didn't go a long way.

That feeling of waking up extra early on exam days and taking a non-regular bag with all your tools arranged religiously in a "compox box". That heartbeat-skip when you finally get the question paper.

Writing fast, to add neat and straight lines at the end of each answer, stealing an extra 0.5 marks. And then finishing it a little bit early to rush to see your crush before (s)he leaves the campus. Nostalgia.

I was such a dramatic student in my pre-senior years. I felt the urge to participate in every freaking thing that used to happen in school. That's how I learnt to do (literally) everything - Speaking, presenting, doing, listening, behaving, and 100 more things.

I thoroughly enjoyed this competitive side of me. Never saw it as a drawback. It was when I entered the JEE phase that I realised I was already behind so many. But my school prepared me for that. It was taught to me to take unfavourable circumstances and failures as opportunities and not setbacks.

Foundations do matter a lot. Thank you, alma mater!