Thursday, May 27th, 2021, 21:38 IST

My psychology of "wanting to do something" generally has a usual lifecycle:

  1. Get super amped-up by watching someone do it. (Online algorithms make sure I see it more often than not.)
  2. Here the journey splits-
    1. I bookmark/ save that idea, assuming I will come back to execute on someday.
    2. Get up right that moment and start doing it/ take that opportunity. Be it 3 pm or am. Whether or not I am capable of doing it.
  3. If it's something I feel I should be knowing, I will make sure it tops the priority list.

I like to believe most of the skills I have acquired over time are because I chose 2(b) whenever my gut said. I failed in a lot of ideas amongst them and succeeded in some. But most of all, I seem to enjoy that 'high' I undergo while implementing those ideas.

Some folks around me, who aren't designers, tend to see this as an unhealthy habit. According to them, taking in more things than I could manage will eventually teach me nothing. They're not absolutely wrong. I agree, switching context frequently does demand more concentration. But here's where smart choice comes into play, I feel.

When I choose to do multiple things, I also make sure they align with my larger goal. And as of now, my only long-term goal is to learn and implement. Fortunately, my energy levels allow me to do so.

I am not going to lie. Proving this fraction of people wrong is an equivalent high too.