Wednesday, May 26th, 2021, 15:16 IST

"My heart beats in 16 million colors." I read this on LinkedIn. I love this statement. Every time I read it, it feels like a refreshment. A literal mint chill refreshment. Just like that rain sprinkle when you are sitting in peace with your plants.

But since "Steal Like an Artist" is a thing, I changed it to "My heart beats in 16 million colors, and yellow + green makes like 10 million of them." My favorite color is yellow. I feel like it is a wholesome representation of my energy; brightness, excitement, and happiness. But I tend to cheat with yellow in the rainy season.

For almost a year I've had zero contact with anyone outside the family due to the pandemic. So I made friends with plants, luckily in the rainy season. I used to take my books and sketchbook, listen to the rain, get scared of monkeys, mongoose, and a bunch of unknown creatures living in a mini jungle of their own (this is how my father describes it).

Sitting in the garden, watching those 16 million colors blossom, became the most favorite part of my day. It still is. And rain is like a cherry on the cake to this view.

While I enjoyed sitting around adoring the plants, I noticed how difficult it is to take care of them. Worth it. Nothing so pretty comes that easy.

By now, I take care of 4 plants that reside in my work area. I'm not a great mom, but they seem to be healthy. They taught me to appreciate silence and.. colors.