Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 21:52 IST

Today is a tough day to write. So this might be a pretty shitty one. I have been feeling gloomy and lazy all day due to non-stops rains (yes the season is to be blamed). A common habit of mine during these days is - wasting whole day doing nothing and then crying about it in the night.

It's been a rather boring day - all tasks done, some personal goals implemented (some not), plethora of new ideas rushing into the notes app, and some quality time with the partner and family.

Usually when I work in a free batch of time instead of resting, my partner thinks I'm some kind of weird workaholic. I usually tease him away - come back to me when you work at something you love. He's cute so (most of the time) he isn't offended.

On Twitter, someone posted today:

"Controversial statement: Our generation likes to complain about EVERYTHING without even attempting to understand/ adjust"

Oh boy! Can it BE anymore accurate!? (In Chandler's voice)

I'm a part of this generation, I have been there; done that; I see it happening.

Whenever I come across more of such things quite often - I realise I have been using the platform wrong for a while. I need to take some time off this bird app.

It's quite amazing how the thin line between value and entertainment dissolves. One moment you are bookmarking rich copywriting tips by Julian Shapiro, the other moment you are into a space where people are arguing about who should/ shouldn't be a design mentor.