Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 20:22 IST

Ironically, I'm writing about paper notes while typing this article. In no way that means I love papers any less. I still find myself reaching out to pencil and paper every time an idea or thought strikes. I hope this never changes, no matter how much tech evolves.

There's something magical about writing on papers. Why do I choose it over any digital tool:

  1. Raw. Difficult to edit. The limited real estate helps visualise and judge better. There's no zoom in/out.
  2. No distractions. It helps me develop a better workflow.
  3. Paper and pencil still come handier for me. There are no barriers - switching on, checking the battery, etc.
  4. I'm pretty old school. I like to revisit my thoughts and live that nostalgia.

Remote work has made me more dependent on technology than ever. So I'm constantly torn between two choices - noting in my iPad or my notebook. Currently, both are at almost equal scores. Paper notebooks are slightly ahead due to my bias.

What I have realised is - I don't exactly love paper notes. What I love are my handwritten notes. Otherwise, iPad flow wouldn't even have competed.

I hate that these two mediums are still not interoperable. The already built experiences feel broken. I don't want to constantly waste my time deciding where to jot my thoughts down. I want to be able to transfer my handwritten notes to the digital world in an editable format and still feel natural.

Is it too much to ask from a world that's minting memes for virtual currency (in hopes of decentralisation)? 😭