Monday, 7th June 2021, 21:24 IST

When I was in fifth grade, my teacher divided all the students into groups of three and handed over a one week task. I faced so much difficulty collaborating with (just) the two of them and almost gave up.

Primarily, I was already used to doing everything on my own.

I believed only I can do it perfectly.

That task was a failure. But since it was supposed to be a recurring event, I had to get it sorted.

I told my Papa about this issue. He didn't advise anything. Three days later, he asked me to change my behaviour:

At that stage, I couldn't understand much. All I could infer was - I will win only if every member of the team wins.

With time, I started incorporating "we" into my daily life's vocabulary. Soon enough, I felt content when I saw my team win. It indeed was a "feel-good wala" energy!

From taking all the credit to not caring about the credits at all, my father made me a team player. A lifelong one.

Incorporating it into my work life wasn't a big task for me. Team and relationship building is one of the top things I look for wherever I (will) work. Some people think this will lead to attachments. Maybe, maybe not. I don't know the right answer, yet.

It's an incomparably relieving feeling when I know each one of us in the team has each other's back. For me, my team is above all.